Andy Sertich

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 51
Challenge Cup – 12
Continental Cup – 9
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 5 / Assists: 28 / PIMs: 22

Paul Balm
If, as I was told, he was one of the top three earners on this season’s team then it’s a travesty. I’m completely unable to remember anything about him. The only good thing I can think of is that he saved me a pound whenever it was his ‘shirt off his back’ that was on offer.

Jono Bullard
I hardly noticed him, which is normally good for a defenceman but I thought he flattered to deceive for most of the season.

Andy Haywood
Sertich joint won Most Consistent Player of the Season with Lindhagen and I can’t help but feel that they were consistent in different ways. Never really shone at the back and although wasn’t the calamity that a lot of people said he was, his +/- was pretty poor.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Was brought in with Spang to replicate the impact that Quick & McDonald had last season…and didn’t live up to expectations. Doesn’t offer enough for me to warrant a second term, especially with Spang already signed on for another year.

Adam Reddish
There were numerous times this season where I struggled to know whether he was icing or was instead sat in the stands. In good years, you need a no-frills player like Sertich to keep things ticking over on the blueline while others work their magic, but for the most part this wasn’t a good season and consequently he seemed rather a peripheral figure who had little impact on games.

Tina Taylor
A steady, no frills, quiet and workmanlike defenceman but other than that I’ve not got much to say about Sertich, he didn’t strike me as being awful but I wasn’t blown away by him either, aside from having the worst plus/minus rating on the team I don’t think he stood out at all.

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