Brad Moran

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 51
Challenge Cup – 12
Continental Cup – 9
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 23 / Assists: 40 / PIMs: 40

Paul Balm
He’s retiring at the end of this season and I have to say I think that’s probably for the best. It’s definitely felt like a season too far for him with what pace he had deserting him.

Jono Bullard
Probably a season too far for Brad and I felt he didn’t fit into the role of captain as he didn’t appear to lead on the ice (from the stands anyway). Still weighed in with his fair share of points though but it was clear that the legs were going as the season went on.

Andy Haywood
To me Panthers season is summed up by Brad Moran. Sometimes he’d look like he was going to be a top point scorer and a great asset to the team, but then it’d become apparent that ultimately he just wasn’t as good as he perhaps should have been. The legs slow down with age, but the ability doesn’t tend to, but I found watching him this season as much of a struggle as I imagine he found playing it. Fairly strong rumours that he is to retire and I’m thankful for his 2 years of service, he will always be the first captain from the EIHL to raise any European Silverware and for that I wish him well.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Pretty much everyone’s choice for Captain at the start of the season based on his experience. Mirror Image of the Panthers in that he performed well in Europe but has disappointed domestically.

Adam Reddish
Seems strange to say this given he was the first Panthers captain to lift a European trophy, but his languid and casual approach to games was possibly one of the major causes of the dull brand of hockey Panthers fans witnessed this season. As captain he was often missing at key moments when a captain’s input to officials was necessary and whilst he may be the consummate professional, his hockey was lethargic and missing any sort of spark.

Tina Taylor
Like a lot of people I was surprised when Moran was named Captain but then as we discussed on the podcast, who else would it be? The team obviously see something we don’t as he was voted ‘Players player of the year’, he’s not flashy and he goes about his business quietly and he’s racked up more points that I thought he had. I understand that Brad is retiring after this season so I wish him well in his next venture.

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