Dan Spang

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 51
Challenge Cup – 12
Continental Cup – 9
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 9 / Assists: 28 / PIMs: 30

Paul Balm
The list of teams in Spang’s CV indicate one thing over the last few years – a downward spiral – and it shows. He can do great things at times but nowhere near often enough. He’s back next year so let’s hope for a Bryan Schmidt style second year.

Jono Bullard
Already back for next season due to his university course. This hasn’t pleased quite a few but personally I think he’s a decent defenceman who has been over-played. With the right defensive partner I think Spang can do an excellent job for us next season.

Andy Haywood
Started off with the burden of being expected to be the best Dman on the team. Struggled for quite some time to live up to that billing, and although I don’t think he made it to the pinnacle of his talents, was certainly the stand out defenceman in the team in my opinion (barring Lindhagen when he played back there).

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Pretty much like for like with Sertich. Gets some kudos for icing silly minutes when the Panthers were defensively short, which no doubt contributed to more than one mistake. Already back for 2017/18 I’d like to see him paired up with a no-nonsense stay at home d-man.

Adam Reddish
A real enigma of a player. Capable of so much, and clear that Neilson expected him to be his defensive leader by the ice time logged, but would often make a basic error at key swing moments within games that led to an opposition goal. Don’t think we saw the best of him this year, but he’s certainly not alone.

Tina Taylor
Statistically speaking we got more than we expected from Spang and I think we’ve been looking to him to steady the defensive ship for most of the season, for the most part I think he’s done that and hopefully he can contribute to a more successful defensive effort next season.

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