David Clarke

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 29
Challenge Cup – 7
Continental Cup – 3
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 19 / Assists: 15 / PIMs: 23

Paul Balm
Another player who got injured and never really recovered. You have to start wondering how much longer he’s got but you’ve also got to wonder where we would replace his goals when he does. I reckon he’ll have at least another year so he can play in the CHL.

Jono Bullard
I will not hear a bad word said against Clarke. Scores goals, gives 100% every shift and is a Panthers legend. Once again he missed games through injury but we’re going to lose a lot of points from the roster when he does call it a day.

Andy Haywood
What can be said about David Clarke that hasn’t already been said. Plays every game seemingly exactly the same. He’ll frustrate you for large chunks of the game, mainly in the defensive zone, but you can’t deny that when he does finally move behind the bench as opposed to on it, and unfortunately that time appears to be coming sooner rather than later, hockey in Great Britain will get a whole lot worse. The ultimate professional and a true Panthers legend.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Another season, another injury. It will be a big shame when Clarkey retires as he’s still one of the best British scorers out there, but how much longer can he carry on? Seemingly being groomed to take over as the next Panthers coach but I’d like to see him cut his mustard elsewhere first (maybe Peterborough as a swan song for his playing career?). Shirt should be retired when he does call it a day.

Adam Reddish
With missing a sizeable chunk of the season through injury, Clarke contributed more to the season in an off-ice capacity behind the bench alongside Neilson and Strachan. Unfortunately, upon his return he slotted back into a team desperately short of offence, meaning his impact was limited. You know what you get with Clarke, and his leadership and ability to get a shot away from any position remain key aspects of what he was able to offer when fit this season. Unfortunately, being increasingly blighted by injuries, you have to wonder how much is left in the tank playing-wise.

Tina Taylor
With Clarkey taking up a coaching mantle and relinquishing the Captain’s position you have to think that he’s looking to the future and why not I suppose? He’s suffered another extended injury period but when he’s been on the ice he has scored some timely goals which is what David Clarke does really. He’s not getting any younger but I think there’s still more to come from Clarke in a Panthers jersey, at least I hope so as we currently don’t have anyone to fill the void he would leave behind.

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