Geoff Waugh

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 31
Challenge Cup – 9
Continental Cup – 3
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 4 / Assists: 6 / PIMs: 24

Paul Balm
Another player who had a season plagued by injuries that meant he never really got going. Inconsistency and a lack of speed saw him get out-muscled and out-paced far too often.

Jono Bullard
Missed too much of the season due to injury. Like Dimmen, good going forward but I think he’s too injury prone to warrant another season.

Andy Haywood
Like Dimmen Waugh spent a considerable chunk of games in the stands for the second year running. Big and tall but didn’t ever really play with the size that he had often enough for me.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Another who suffered “2nd album syndrome”. Also missed a chunk of time, again through injury. One of the “A’s” this season so obviously has influence within the team but like the majority of the roster, struggled (when fit).

Adam Reddish
Not sure we saw enough of him to issue an informed rating, but after a long spell on the sidelines, coming back into a side clearly struggling can’t have been easy. When he did return, he didn’t seem to be able to impose himself physically on games to the degree he did during 15/16 and maybe due his level of fitness, perhaps wasn’t able to play that sort of game.

Tina Taylor
When it comes to long term injuries I think Geoff has it down, broken bones last season, concussion this season, he doesn’t do niggles that’s for sure! I enjoyed watching Waugh a lot last season despite his injury but I haven’t seen the same spark or steadiness from him this time around which perhaps is a result of the concussion, it’s not something you can afford to take lightly, he’s had some good moments but nothing like what endeared me to him previously.

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