Jason Williams

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 11
Challenge Cup – 1
Continental Cup – 3
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 6 / Assists: 13 / PIMs: 0

Paul Balm
Turned up at Christmas and proceeded to provide Panthers fans with one of the best festive periods they’ve had in a long time. Yet again injury stopped us from seeing the very best of him and he never looked the same when he made a cameo in the play-off quarter finals. Definitely a player I’d like to see back for Panthers next season.

Jono Bullard
Class in a glass as the saying goes. Contributed to a lovely Christmas and despite advancing years showed he still has masses of quality. Just a shame that an injury prevented him from icing more games because you have to wonder how our season might have turned out if he’d have not spent two months on the sidelines.

Andy Haywood
Age is against him, and injury too I suppose, but what Williams has you can’t just manufacture. Pre injury he was different class. As with Moran, the legs may go and you lose a yard of pace or more, but he hasn’t lost the rest of his game. Didn’t reach his pre injury form when he returned, but he was back quicker than anyone thought and probably never got close to 100% fit before the season ended. If he wants another year and his injuries aren’t too bad I’d be offering him a contract for the upcoming season.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Undoubted class. His pedigree alone means for me I’d take a chance on his fitness next season, if he wanted it. His experience would be of benefit to the younger players too.

Adam Reddish
Undoubted class from someone with a stellar NHL pedigree. Clearly an upgrade on the existing forwards at the time of his signing, and his impact suggested that with a couple of other high-calibre players on his line, he could be the best in the league. Made an excellent impact in the games before his untimely injury, but a lengthy spell on the side-lines injured ripped out much of the side’s scoring punch when performances were starting to show more promise. A shadow of himself upon his return, and I can’t help but think he was playing massively below full fitness levels in those final few games.

Tina Taylor 
Williams is a class player, he has skill and hockey sense in spades and knows how to run a decent Power Play but two seasons in a row now with significant time off injured is a worry. Following Neil Black’s comments in the Q&A about us not signing injury prone players I wouldn’t expect to see him back but if he were to re-sign with us we better make sure we can look after him!

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