Jeff Brown

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 51
Challenge Cup – 12
Continental Cup – 9
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 17 / Assists: 27 / PIMs: 128

Paul Balm
The type of player every team needs. It’s all well and good having the skill players but someone needs to do the dirty work for them. I’m actually really glad he’s back next season but maybe without his two friends. Which brings me nicely to… (Edit: See Carter & Lawrence)

Jono Bullard
Brown was a pleasant surprise, 100% commitment, scored big goals, hits, fights when needed. He’s an all round package and showed leadership qualities. Personally I’m delighted he will be here next season.

Andy Haywood
Wasn’t a fan early doors and would have been one of the long list of players that I’d have been relatively happy to see the back of, but my what a turnaround. Became one of my favourite players by the end of the season. Fairly decent in the face off circle, even if he can’t stay on his feet, and put up relatively decent points, all the while playing an aggressive and physical style of game. Again rumoured to be on a 2 year and fingers crossed we keep hold of him.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Not a great offensive threat but a gritty, hard nosed type of player that all fans like. Looking forward to seeing him back…possibly on a no-nonsense line with Farmer & McGrattan.

Adam Reddish
A wholehearted, if limited forward who made the most of his ability to contribute by providing physicality to the roster and a solid forecheck. Similarly to Nikiforuk, his point production perhaps wasn’t as high as expected, although he showed fight and stuck up for teammates on numerous occasions.

Tina Taylor
Came with the David Ling seal of approval and his style of play seems to suit the league, hasn’t set the world alight with points but gives a good account of himself shift-to-shift and isn’t afraid to get involved physically, he’s on a two year deal and I’m ok with that, hopefully he can build on this season and improve in a (hopefully) more rounded team.

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