Logan MacMillan

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 46
Challenge Cup – 11
Continental Cup – 9
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 6 / Assists: 17 / PIMs: 8

Paul Balm
Marooned all season in defence due to injuries, we didn’t get to see the best of MacMillan so in some ways it’s hard to judge him on this season. He wasn’t the best of converts to the different role and never really looked comfortable on the blue line. By the same token I’m not sure he was our worst defenceman either.

Jono Bullard
Nowhere near the player he was in 2015/16 and I think only saved from the chop due to injuries on defence. Performed OK when moved to the blue-line but he’s not a natural defenceman.

Andy Haywood
The luckiest man in the team? Who knows? Pretty strong rumblings of him being gassed before Christmas only for the team to go through another injury crisis. Truth be told he was poor, and nowhere near the player he was the season before, but with the injuries coming to the blueline Mac stepped back and became a relatively effective body there. Nothing flashy and certainly not without flaws, but didn’t do a bad job and salvaged his own personal season.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Converted to a d-man due to injuries and the departure of Sam Oakford and he struggled. Was one of the players of the season for me in 2015/16 (I even rated him as a better Brandon Benedict!!) so has been a huge let down this term.

Adam Reddish
Sadly, this experiment of forward-turned-defenceman didn’t quite have the same level of success as Lindhagen. A horrid season for McMillan, who looked destined for the chop on several occasions pre-Christmas as a scapegoat for the lousy league showings, but who miraculously survived the axe thanks to someone else joining the injury list. Lost count of the number of errors he was culpable for and clearly targeted by opposition sides who forechecked him hard knowing he’d be uncomfortable.

Tina Taylor
I had hoped MacMillan would start this season how he finished the last one but the effort level hasn’t quite been what we saw towards the end of the last campaign, I haven’t paid too much attention to his points as he’s spent a large portion of the season on defence despite always playing as a forward in his professional career. His willingness to make the switch can’t be underestimated though and after an initial adjustment period he’s done pretty well back there but overall I think it’s been a less than successful season for Logan.

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