Miika Wiikman

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Games Played – 41 / SVS% – .901 / GAA – 3.01
Challenge Cup
Games Played – 8 / SVS% – .923 / GAA – 2.24
Continental Cup
Games Played – 6 / SVS% – .956 / GAA – 1.52
Play Offs
Games Played – 2 / SVS% – .940 / GAA – 1.94

Paul Balm
I don’t think we ever quite saw the kind of performances from Miika that we got last season especially towards the end. Injuries and illness won’t have helped nor will the defence in front of him. I’d take a fully fit Miika next season but there have to be question marks around how injury prone he is.

Jono Bullard
Another solid season from Miika who was by no means to blame for the malaise that overtook the domestic season, winning our MVP award and being quite superb in the Continental Cup final. Can still win games on his own but was often let down by an often absent defence.

Andy Haywood
Well another season in the bag for Wiikman and another pretty decent showing from our #1. I’d love to have seen this guy play behind the defence of the league winning season to gauge just how good he really could be. On his day unbeatable, but unfortunately a leaky defence meant that his task was far more difficult than it probably ever should have been. Plagued by illness/injury at the start of the year, but seemed to be at full strength towards the middle and end of the campaign. Horrendous end to the season kind of seemed to sum up our season as a whole. Glad to hear that all is well.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
When he’s on it, he’s one of, if not the, best in the league. When he’s not, he is prone to daft errors. Also missed a chunk of games through injury again, can we afford to take the risk for season 3?

Adam Reddish
All netminders like to be busy, but Wiikman probably can’t wait for a few months off so he can take a breather after this season’s workload. After early season injury woes, he repeatedly came to the side’s aid and turned in plenty of MoM performances. Goes without saying but Panthers were much worse off without him between the pipes.

Tina Taylor
What a horrid way to end a season. I still feel a little queasy about it now if I’m honest, we were looking like we might actually be able to scrape something from our domestic season and Wiikman was the main reason for it but it wasn’t to be. I’ve lost count of the amount of times this season that our number one netminder has had to bail us out and I’d like to see him pull on a Panthers jersey again but I really hope we can sign a more robust defence next season so his job isn’t such a hard one!

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