Robert Farmer

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 46
Challenge Cup – 12
Continental Cup – 9
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 20 / Assists: 32 / PIMs: 92

Paul Balm
One of the few highlights of this season has been Farmer’s performances. Playing with McGrattan gave him the opportunity to use the aggressive side of his game to the full but he also showed the rest of the team how to play with skill and desire.

Jono Bullard
Panthers player of the season by far in my humble opinion. Blotted his copybook a little with the attack on Rutherford however one act of red mist can be forgiven and forgotten when you have the year he has. Great skill, great hands, great team player who seems to fit into any line he’s placed on. Would be my first re-signing for next season.

Andy Haywood
Bar one ridiculous act of mindless violence it’s been a pretty flawless season for Farmer. Solid point production, great 2 way play. Linked up brilliantly with McGrattan, and as much as he is ridiculed by away fans for it, agitates and sticks up for himself and others on a nightly basis. Doesn’t seem to take a shift off, let alone a night off and is a player that should be offered a lucrative multi-year deal ASAP.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
How he didn’t win the Panthers player of the season beggars belief. By far and away our most consistent player. Also scored the goal of the season (for me) with that effort against Coventry. Has to be signed up long-term.

Adam Reddish
Another rare shining light for the Panthers. Effort comes as standard with Farmer, but with every passing season, his goals output and all-round offensive impact continues to markedly improve. The contribution throughout 16-17 was vital, filling the void left by the lack of primary scoring from the higher lines and his energy levels clearly set the standards for others to follow. Always taking the game to opponents, his style was abrasive and he combined brilliantly with McGrattan to cause sides problems. Probably the most consistent performing Panthers forward this season.

Tina Taylor
Robert Farmer has had another good year, a unanimous decision from us on the Cats Whiskers will see him awarded our Best Brit this year and seemingly the Panthers organisation concurred as he also received the same accolade at the Panthers awards night. By now I think we know what we’re getting and this season hasn’t been any different (the Rutherford incident aside as that was very out of character), Farmer will do whatever he can to help the team and he’s played most of the year on a line with McGrattan, that partnership has been a good one to watch, playing with the career enforcers seem to suit Farmer and with McGrattan contracted to come back hopefully it’ll suit him next season too.

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