Stephen Schultz

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 38
Challenge Cup – 5
Continental Cup – 2
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 15 / Assists: 35 / PIMs: 30

Paul Balm
If they sold replica Schultz dolls in Ice Locker they’d have to wrap them in bubble wrap before you took them home and when you got them there you couldn’t play with them for fear of breakage. One of only two players to get over a point a game in the league (the other was Williams) when he was there he could score goals and that was something we sorely missed this season as he just wasn’t there enough.

Jono Bullard
Scored over a point per game and generally looked one of our best forwards, however he is prone to injury and rumours surfaced that it was him that Corey Neilson referred to in a Nottingham Post article, questioning a member of the team for not coming back from injury when cleared by doctors. I want players to be committed to the team and if they aren’t then they know where the door is.

Andy Haywood
Undoubtedly the most naturally gifted player on the team, but like Dimmen and Waugh, seemingly comes with a pre-signed sicknote from the doctor. Led the team in points in the EIHL, like realistically he should, but played 14 games shy of the total and you have to wonder where we’d be if he’d have been able to play a full season. His fitness was seemingly called into question on at least one occasion and for that reason I don’t think you can justify his place for next season. Incredible skill, but you need your best players on the ice, not in the stands.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Definite goal scoring threat but seemingly made of glass as he again missed a large part of the season injured. Could score for fun in a team full of creativity (if he could stay away from the treatment room obviously).

Adam Reddish
No one can doubt the skill, but sadly the brittleness and susceptibility to numerous injuries have cast a long shadow on his season. Whilst not mentioned by name, Neilson’s barbed criticism of how committed a couple of players were to the cause back in February was clearly aimed in Schultz’s direction. Finished the season as Panthers top point scorer, but then with his offensive abilities, coupled with the averageness of other forwards to share scoring duties with, this shouldn’t be seen as a surprise. Time for a change of scenery and a fresh start.

Tina Taylor
Another season, another injury laden spell for Schultz. A very good player when he wants to be and when he’s not on the treatment table, we have a history of breaking players so an injury prone one doesn’t help our cause and with rumours circulating that he was the subject of the head coach’s ire in a Nottingham Post article earlier in the season there is perhaps also a question of commitment too.

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