Steve Lee

Images by Andy Burnham, used with kind permission, follow Andy on Twitter – @ACB_47

Games Played
League – 47
Challenge Cup – 8
Continental Cup – 8
Play Offs – 2

Goals: 3 / Assists: 21 / PIMs: 45

Paul Balm
As Panthers lone British defenceman a lot was probably expected from Steve Lee and I’m not sure he really delivered. The multiple concussions he has suffered have understandably forced him to take some of the edge and aggression out of his game and I think it has suffered as a result.

Jono Bullard
Not a vintage year for Lee who has been prone to making too many mistakes. Some have said he’s only on the team because of his nationality and should be replaced but where do you get a similar caliber GB defenceman from?

Andy Haywood
Another difficult season for Lee. Not a patch on his previous campaigns, but certainly not the worst season he’s had in a Panthers jersey. Seemed to pick up the physical play a lot more post-Christmas which is a refreshing sight, his game has changed and it will never go back to what it was because of his concussion injuries in the past and some people need to realise that. Couple of puck moving errors in the season will always get jumped upon but all in all I feel it’s been a steady season for Lee. Plenty of scope for improvement, but certainly one of the guys who should be re-signed quickly in the off season before someone else snaps him up.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
One of two Brits who seems to take the brunt of fans criticism, yet for me he’s been slightly better this season. Due to a history of concussions, he’s had to lessen his physical impact. With the right partner, Lee can be a big asset to the team.

Adam Reddish
Seems to be like Marmite amongst the Panthers fans who either love him or hate him. Obviously a spate of concussions over previous seasons has forced him to change his playing style to one a little less combative and physical, but notwithstanding this he wasn’t the worst D-man on the roster this year. A steady performer, but still prone to the frequent gaffe and struggles to routinely clear the puck away from danger.

Tina Taylor
Suffered an injury early doors but hasn’t missed a game since the end of October and we even saw some flashes of the ‘old’ Steve Lee physicality creeping back in which was nice to see and worrying in equal measure with his history of concussions. Firmly cemented in the Panthers team and with our now slightly depleted Brit Pack we need to keep hold of him, good job he’s decent then isn’t it?

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